Books written by Dan Liebke

Kitty Wittgenstein and the Academy Award-Winning Werewolves

When Academy Award™ winners and other celebrities start turning into werewolves, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences calls upon Kitty Wittgenstein, the world famous supermodel philosopher, to save the day.

To Me, My X-Men Comics - The Grant Morrison Run

The complete Grant Morrison run of the X-Men, with each and every issue broken down and assessed from a comedy perspective. With detailed character profiles that include aliases, fun facts and cryptic crossword clues for all the major characters in this run, this is the X-Men like you've never seen them before.

(see also for hints for what's coming next)

Breakdancing With Hollywood

A playful parody, an object lesson and a viable directorial project, available where all good playful parodies, object lessons and viable directorial projects are sold.

A Little Known Fact I Just Made Up

A collection of mantras, quotes and wisdom stupid jokes to enhance extinguish your mind, body and spirit will to live.